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A COOKIE is an information file that the server of a website sends to the computer of the person accessing the page in order to store and retrieve information about their browsing. Therefore, when you access a website that uses cookies, it asks your browser to save them on your hard drive.
Its main FUNCTIONS are: To keep track of users.
I. When a user enters their user name and password, a cookie is stored so that they do not have to enter them for each page on the server. Normally, cookies do not identify individuals, only the computer, the browser and the user accessing. However, there are cookies that can store information that personally identifies users.III. Cookies can save the configuration of websites such as preferred language or geographic location.Get information about the user’s browsing habits.
TYPES of cookies:
By entity managing the domain
Own cookies
Third-party cookies
By time of permanence
Session cookies
Persistent cookies
By their purpose
Technical cookies
Personalisation cookies
Analysis cookies
Advertising cookies
Behavioural advertising cookies


The website uses “cookies” when a User browses its pages. These cookies are only associated anonymously with the computer’s browser and therefore do not provide the User’s personal data. The User has the possibility of configuring their browser to be warned on screen of the reception of “cookies” and to prevent their installation on their hard drive. The following cookies are used on this website and are detailed below:

TECHNICAL COOKIES. Necessary for the provision of certain services. If these cookies are deactivated, you will not be able to receive the contents of the website correctly. They are also used to share content through social networks.
PROCESS COOKIES. These are those that help make the website work and deliver the services that the website visitor expects, such as browsing web pages or accessing secure areas of the website.
SESSION STORAGE COOKIES. These cookies store information about the user’s activity on the page so that they can easily return to where they left off in the previous session.
LOCAL STORAGE COOKIES. Some of the information may be stored in the browser’s local storage as well as in Adobe Flash shared storage.
To clear the data stored in the browser’s local storage, you must clear your browsing history.
To delete Adobe Flash cookies, you can visit the following link

3. DEACTIVATION OF COOKIES The user may, at any time, choose which cookies he/she wants to operate on this website by configuring the browser settings:


A) “Chrome, from”
B) Explorer, from
C) Firefox, from
D) Safari, from

You can manage the storage of cookies in your browser using tools such as the following:

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