Building & Interior Design

commercial equipment, habitat or interior design

A multitude of different applications can be included in this sector, from commercial equipment, habitat or interior design in general. Metals have great properties that make your business a more sustainable place.      Firstly, they are great conductors of heat and electricity and also have a high capacity for light reflection and low light absorption, so you will save considerably on electricity consumption.

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Aluminium profiles and parts are used for the manufacture of commercial equipment such as: display cabinets, electrical system trunking, electronic components, medical equipment, etc.

They are also included in habitat products such as enclosures, lighting, kitchen furniture, home furnishings, bathrooms, decorative frames, awnings and even for garden and pool installations.


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In the form of structures, handles, furniture parts, heat sinks, we can offer countless solutions from the creation and/or adaptation of products from other materials.