Renewable energies

Environmentally sustainable aluminium

It is a 100% recyclable material, does not lose its qualities and allows energy savings in its process. In addition, by using 5% energy in its initial production, it reduces gas emissions and mineral resources from mines, generating only 15% of emissions. The use of aluminium in the industrial world of renewable energies continues to increase progressively.

Aluminium applications in renewable energy systems

Aluminium energy solutions

In the field of renewable energy, aluminium has different applications. In solar energy, it is mostly used in solar panels, solar frames and solar structures. In geothermal energy, it is used in heat exchangers. Finally, in wind energy, aluminium is often found in rotor cores, gear covers, transformers, structural components and also in ladders.

From electrical chargers to oil and gas installations to industrial wind turbines: the energy sector has made aluminium its material of choice.

we ensure that the metal is a perfect match for the challenge at hand.